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The Liquor Book* 


Issued to 

Tlie eoiujili'te service wliicli tliis hook I'anios with it will lie 
given on deiuand at any time after the full subscription price, 
twentj--flve ($'25.00) dollars, has been received by the Charles Austin 
Bates Syndicate. 

This service is coverinl by the coupon lH)()k which accompanies 
the Lii(iiiir IJook. Each coupon liook contains: 

I Coupon entitling the iiolder to a letter of criticism and 

1 Coupon entillinf4 the holder to a plan for changing from 

credit to cash. 
1 Coupon entitling the holder to receive the monthly paper. 

" (loou Ai)Vi;HTisrN(4." for one year. 
1 Coupo'i entitling the holder to book of store rules such 

as are used by leading houses. 
1 Coupon entitling the holder to " Thk Show Wini)0-\v" 

(monthly), for three months. 
•225 Coupons, each entitling the holder to purchase one single. 

or half column, wood base cut at sixteen (1('>) cents and 

jiostage. Or to double cohimn, or metal base cuts at the 

cost stated on the following i'agt>. 

Ordy a |>art of tlie cuts shown in this hook are made in the 
double c(dumn si/e. If you want douhle column cuts we suggest 
that vou llrst semi fiu' liic nuniheis of those made in tliat size. 

This hook ,111(1 its aocompanj'ingc^uponB are sold and shipped 

ill onl.v oiH' \v;iy l>y ('. O. 1). express, all charj^esi-ollec't, or payment ^"^'"T^ 
may Ih> sent in ailvaiicc in wiiicli case llic book will l)f> spiil by mail, j^_ >f 
[iDstaiic paid. Thf* cx'lra.ordiiiary privileges we extend to our siib- 
scriiters make it absolutely iuipossii)le for lis to burden ourselves ftlu(L£' 
witli tlie detail oj' bookke(^i)ing, colleetioiis, ete. C^"t^'"~-C 

The coupons which i)ermit tlie purchase of single or half column > 
wood liase cuts at sixteen cents and fou)' cents postage, also entitle 
ihe holder to single and half column metal base cuts at twenty-five 
(•eiits and twelve cents postage, to double column wood base cuts at <~A 
twenty-live cents and sixteen cents postage; to double column ^ . 
metal base cuts at sixty cents and foi'ty-eight cents postage. J^^7^ 

Wlien cuts are ordered one coupon must be enclosed for each ' 

cut, and the cash. New York draft, stamps or money order to cover p 
the cost of cuts and postage, must be enclosed with the order. /■ 

Orders without cash will not ))e tilled in any case. We are supply- 
ing the cuts at the bare cost of making and handling, and we can- 
not add to our expense by bookkeeping. 

We strongly urge our new subsci ibers to select a number of cuts 
to be sent at one time by express, instead of by mail, as the express 
charges will lie less than postage. In this case remit only the cost 
of tlie cuts, and (lay the express charges on delivery. 

It is understood that all the coupons are void unless used before 

The Charles Austin Bates Syndicate, 

Vanderbilt Building, 

New York. 

1 '^ LJ 

2 3^^- 






The Charles Austin Bates Syndicate 

Copyright J 899 
The Charles Austin Bates Syndicate 

^30'^'^ r 

Advertising a Liquor Store* 

The averag-e liquor store neg-lects almost entirely one 
of the most profitable branches of the business— the 
famih' trade. 

The liquor store that is satisfied with the trade that 
naturally comes to it overlooks a very fruitful and profit- 
able field. If a man is satisfied to sit quietly on his 
particular corner and take what trade comes to him, it 
is safe to say that he will never amount to much in the 
business, comparatively speaking-. 

Of course if a man sells g-ood liquors, has an attractive 
and pleasant store and treats his customers properly he 
will, in course of time, build up a profitable and measur- 
ably satisfactory business. 

The ambitious and energetic man, however, should 
look for something more than neighborhood and tran- 
sient trade. He should not be satisfied with serving 
people well who come to him, but he should try to bring 
pvople who would never think of coming, or bring them 
oftener than they would naturally come. 

He can do this through the right sort of advertising. 
Of course, he must have the right goods and the right 
sort of store and be able to serve his patrons with what- 
ever they wish and to please and satisfy them in every 
instance. That is pre-requisite to success in any line of 

Having the right store, the right goods and the right 
location, any liquor dealer can build up a very handsome 
business by advertising— a business which he would not 
otherwise get and which perhaps nobody else would get. 

A certain percentage of the population knows that 
it wants liquors and is going to get them. A far greater 
percentage does not know what it wants in the line of 


liquor and wouldn't know what to do with it if it had it. 

You can g-et the trade of both these classes by talking- 
to them in the right V7a.y. The rig-ht waj^ is not the 
vague, general style of advertising-. Don't expect to g-et 
business by printing- 3'our name and address and simply 
adding-, "Fine wines, liquors and cigars." 

■Nowadays, you have to tell people precisely what you 
have to sell, how and why it is g-ood, and what the price 
is. Take the public into 3'our confidence full}-. Tell 
just why 3'ou are able to serve them satisfactorily and 
why it is 3'OU can g"ive them the best goods at a money- 
saving- price. 

The most important thing- in the liquor business is 
the perfect purit}^ of your g-oods. Alwa3's harp upon 
that point and never fail to make it emphatic in all your 

Tell people how long- you have been in business, how 
wide your experience has been, and make it plain to them 
that you know what the best liquors and wines are, 
where they are to be secured, and how to buy eco- 

Tell them all about your leading- brands of whiskey, 
gin, wine, etc., where they come from, how old they are, 
and how you know they have no superior. Tell them 
that you buy 3-our liquors onlj- in original packag-es, and 
when liquor comes from the bonded warehouse, always 
make mention of that fact and point out that its age and 
purity are g-uarantced b^^ the United States Government. 

Tell them that everything they buy of you goes to 
them just as it came to you, without any adulteration, 
blending, fixing- or anything- of that sort. 

Point out all the details in regard to your port, sherry 
and other wines, just as you do in regard to your whiskey 
and other liquors. 

If 3'ou care to build up a bottle trade in beer and ale 
tell what sorts you handle and all about them. Make 


people understand that you know that your beers are 
brewed from pure malt and hops under conditions of 
perfect cleanliness, and that they have no superior either 
in point of flavor or healthfulness. 

Do not try to advertise your whole store and every- 
thing- in it at one time. Take one thing, or one or two 
thing-s of the same character, at a time. Tell all about 
them and then stop. Leave other thing-s for other times. 
Always state in your advertising the prices of the 
g-oods, and state whether you deliver them free or other- 

If your store is located centrally you can profitably 
use all the newspapers, or all the g:ood newspapers, in 
town. If you are not centrally located there is probably 
some one or two papers which cover pretty thoroughly 
all that section of the town which you can reasonably 
hope to bring to your store. 

Unless you are in a very large city, you can afford to 
use the paper which is most widely read in your vicinity. 
In a large city, of course, the advertising rates of a news- 
paper are so high as to seem almost prohibitive, but even 
if the rates are high you will find it will pay to use a 
small ad even if you can only do so once or twice a week; 
that is, of course, if you advertise wisely. 

Under no circumstances run what is called a "stand- 
ing card" in a newspaper. If it does you any good at all 
it will be almost miraculous. 

Whether your business is in a large city or a small 
one newspaper space is too expensive to waste by putting 
your name and address in it and letting it stand. Never 
use the same ad in two successive issues of the same 
paper. Change it every time. 

In every ad devote your space to the description of 
some one thing and give its price. Urge people to give 
it a trial and tell them that if they do not find it precisely 
as represented you will cheerfully refund their money. 


Do not fall into the common error of telling- people 
that you sell all kinds of g-ood brandies, whiskies, g"ins, 
wines, ales and beer. They probably know that already. 
If they don't, there is nothing- particularly interesting- in 
it, anyway. Nobody is going- to come or send for all 
these thing-s. 

Pick out one thing- and harp on that. If you advertise 
port wine, for instance, and praise it up to the skies, you 
will catch the attention of a certain number of people 
who want port wine, or will think they want it when 
they read your ad. 

You can catch the trade of some of the people who 
are in need of the article you offer, but if j'ou offer every- 
thing- at once, you will scatter your shot so widely that 
you won't hit anybody at all. 

If you can afford the space, always use a cut in 3'our 
advertisements. This is the ag-e of cuts in advertising- 
and in a newspaper where cuts are allowed the ad that 
is not illustrated stands a prett}' slim chance of being- 
seen and read. 

On the other hand, if you have an attractive cut you 
are sure of catching- the eye of nearly ever3'bod3' who 
opens the paper, and when you have once attracted their 
attention the chances are that the}- will g-o on and see 
what it is you have to say. 

When it is possible to do so, use cuts that have some 
connection with the article you are offering-, or with 
liquors g-enerally. Make your talk as terse and simple 
as is possible. Do not think that it is necessary to use 
long adjectives or pompous phrases. The best advertis- 
ing is always the simplest 

Plain, frank, sensible statements carrj- conviction 
with them. The shorter and simpler your statement is 
the more likely people will be to believe it. When ^-ou 
commence to cover up what you have to say with big- 
words and extravag-ant statements, just that moment 


people will beg-in to have doubts about your truthful- 

Use space enoug-h to properly display all you have to 
sa}'. Be careful not to crowd your space. People are 
too busy, nowadaj-s, to read fine print in advertising-. 
They will almost invariably skip an ad that looks 
crowded and hard to read. 

Upon this question of display, 3'ou should bear in 
mind that g-ood display does not necessarily mean big- 
type. It all depends upon the surrounding-s of the ad. 
If the newspaper in which you advertise uses a great 
deal of big-, black type, and if the ads around you are 
displayed in that manner, 3'ou will g-et the best effect by 
having- your ads printed in light, clear t3'pe with no 
black display whatever, but with plent\' of white space 
around it. A light, white ad of this kind stands out 
wonderfully when it is surrounded with ads which are 
full of big-, black type. 

On the other hand, if the advertisers in your paper 
do not use much heav}- display tj'pe, you will g-et the best 
effect by using- the heaviest headlines you can consistently 
use. Get 3'our display all into the headlines of your 
ads. Do not run display lines all throug-h them, as it 
spoils the appearance of the ad, uses up valuable space, 
and discourag-es perusal. 

Have the body of the ad all set in one kind of tvpe 
without any display unless it is the name and price of 
the article you are offering-. When it is possible g-et the 
name of the articles into the heading-. 

Do not make the common mistake of displaying your 
name too heavily at the bottom of the ad. Many 
advertisers have their names set up as large, or even 
larg-er, than the headline. This is all wrong-, and a sad 
waste of space. 

It is a g-ood plan to have the name in the same kind 
of type as the heading-, but much smaller. People are 


not interested in 3'ou, but in what you have to sell. 
Therefore, you want to make your goods prominent and 
not your name. If what you offer is tempting enough 
people will find j-ou no matter how small the size of the 
type in which your name is set may be. 

The three ads reproduced here are samples of strong, 
clean display which almost an}' printer can duplicate. 

The ad of J. W. Seymour & Co. is a good example of 
a double column ad with a cut and a rule border. The 
rule around the ad holds it together and makes it 
prominent. The only fault with this ad is that the type 
in which the name at the bottom is printed is altogether 
too large. If it were only half as large it would look 
much better and valuable space would be saved. 

The ad of C. H. Edison & Co. is a good example of 
of clean, economical display. The ad looks well and no 
space is wasted. 

The ad of L. H. Thomas illustrates another good 
method of using a cut and a border. The heavy type in 
which the heading is set draws attention to the ad at 
once and greatly increases its effectiveness. 



of wines and 
liquors are our best 
customers. We ^ot 
their custom by our 
low prices. We hold 
it by the excellence 
and perfect purity 
of our jj^oods. 

Everything that 
comes from us is in 
a state of perfect 
purity, of just the 
right age and of full strength. We do 
not adulterate or blend our goods in any 

We give you just what you want, just 
as you want it and at the least possible 
price consistent with the high quality. 

You can't be too careful in choosing your 
wines and liquors and you must agree that 
it pays to buy on the safe side. 

Buying of us means perfect safety and 
satisfaction as well as economy. Give 
our goods a trial and we are confident we 
can make you a steady customer. 





with whatever you may need in 
the drinkable line. We deliver 
g-oods free to any part of the 
city and make a specialty of 
furnishing- families with wine, 
ale, beer and table drinks of 
all kinds. 

Your favorite drink is sure 
to be here and you enjoy your 
meals so much the more on ac- 
count of the knowledg-e thatyou 
have the best and purest drink 
that money can buy. 

We personally g-uarantee the 
perfect purity of all our oroods 
and our prices are always rea- 










is much more a necessity 
than aluxury. It is not only a refresh- 
ing and invigorating drink, but it is 
an aid to digestion and perfect health. 
The healthiest people are beer 
drinkers, provided, of course, they 
drink pure beer. 

We want to emphasize the fact that 
we sell only the purest, best and most 
wholesome beer and that we guarantee 
it to be brewed of the finest materials 
and under the cleanest and most whole- 
some conditions. 

We would be glad to have the chance 
to deliver a case of beer at your resi- 
dence and have you give it a trial. 
We feel sure that if we once got you 
to give it a trial our beer would always 
be on your dinner table hereafter. 
Drop us a postal card and let us 
deliver a case. 





Aside from newspaper advertising-, the liquor dealer 
will find in circulars a very profitable medium, provided 
the circulars are prepared and printed as they oug-lit to 
be. Don't use anything- cheap or shoddy or unattractive. 
If you can't have the best don't have any. Use nice 
paper, nice cuts, and employ the best printer within 

If you send circulars throug-h the mail enclosed in 
envelopes it is best to send them sealed under a two-cent 
stamp and with nothing on the envelopes to show where 
they come from. They will then bear the appearance of 
a personal letter and will receive attention. 

The ordinar}^ circular sent under a one-cent stamp 
has become so familiar that it is apt to be thrown away 
without even being glanced at. If you want to send out 
matter that will cost but one cent for postage get up 
something odd and unique in the way of a folder or card. 

The value of pretty booklets is great. It will pay 
3'ou to get up a handsome and attractive booklet from 
once to two or three times a year. Of course the booklet 
should be well written and made as interesting as it can 
possibly be. It should be well illustrated, too, and have 
a neat, colored cover. 

Try to tell in these booklets all the facts about your 
business that will be likely to interest the public and see 
that one gets into the hands of everybody whose custom 
3'ou have any chance of getting. If the booklet is 
attractive enough and its contents are sufficientl}' interest- 
ing it will be preserved indefinitely and will serve to 
keep you and your business in the minds of the public. 

In this mail matter always describe the goods full}- 
and give the prices. When possible, devote each piece 
of matter to one particular article. If you want to take 
up several things, have plenty of space in which to do it 
and display the name of each article as you go along, so 
that if a man is interested in gin, for instance, his eye 


will strike the para^-raph devoted to gin and he will be 
likely to read that even if he reads nothing else. 

In every packa^re that leaves your store there should 
be some piece of advertising: matter enclosed. Have on 
hand a stock of little folders devoted to various articles 
and slip one into every packa-e. Don't put in a lot of 
them. Put in one and see that it is attractive and dainty 
enoug-h to be preserved. 

I have before me a piece of advertising: matter ot this 
kind, intended to be enclosed with packa^res, that comes 
from a Buffalo liquor dealer. It is a folder about 5 in. x 
3 in wdth a cut on the front pa^^e and one on the back. 
It is printed in two colors, on li-ht green, deckle-edged 
paper. It is entitled -Ye Olden Time Blackberry Wine," 
and inside it reads as follows: 

"Blackberry Wine that is made right and kept right 
is not only a pleasant, delicate and refined beverage, but 
it is better than medicine for the dyspeptic, invigorating 
and strengthening to the aged, and invaluable to the 
convalescent. Its curative properties in cases of dis- 
orders of the stomach and bowels are well known. 

"I have a fine, old, pure Blackberry Wine that con- 
tains but the pure juice of an especially cultivated black- 
berry and the best of granulated sugar. It contains no 
chemicals or compounds, nor is any alcohol used m its 

" It is made in the good, old, honest way. 

"For a table wine or after-dinner drink it has no 

superior It never loses the delicious flavor of the berry. 

'' I fully o-uarantee this wine to be everything it is 

claimed to be, and to withstand chemical tests as to its 

^"""^To advertise this wine I sell it at my bar at five 
cents a large glass. __ 

"Full quart bottles 50 cents, or bl./o a gallon 
delivered free to any part of the city." 


Now, this is exactly the rig-ht kind of talk. It is 
devoted to one thing and it tells all about it. I do not 
see how it could fail to interest ever3-bodv who is 
interested in Blackberry Wine and it seems as if it must 
sell a Tot of wine to people who have never before under- 
stood how g-ood blackberr}- wine is, and how useful it is 
to have in the house. 

Just before Thanksg-iving- and just before the holiday's 
you have an excellent opportunity to do some good 
advertising. Cover 3'our section thoroughly with adver- 
tising matter telling the people just what thev ought to 
have to properly supply the holiday table, and just why 
they should buy these things from 3'ou. 

Tell them just what wines they should have and how 
they should be served. Tell them what sort of punches 
are the proper thing for holidav festivities and how to 
make them. People will welcome this sort of informa- 

There are an^- number of people who haven't the 
slightest idea as to what wines are proper with certain 
dinners and with the different courses, nor how they 
should be served. Lots of people in your vicinity would 
serve wines and make mixed drinks and punches for 
their guests if the}- only knew how to do it. But they 
don't know and are afraid of making mistakes. 

If there is anything about this subject 3'OU don't 
understand yourself, by all means find out. Post your- 
self thoroughly upon the subject. Find out just what 
wines are considered the proper thing on all occasions 
and master every detail as to their proper serving. 

Learn also how wines should be handled in cooking as 
well as on the table. Then tell the people all about it. 
Get up a little booklet, for instance, on the subject of 
sherry. Tell people what it is and how and when it 
should be served. Tell them, also, with what dishes 
sherry should be used in cookintr. Give them all 


the recipes you can g-et hold of in which sherry is men- 

This will interest a great many women who do not 
know how sherry should be used and they will all be 
anxious to try it. 

Always wind up, of course, with a strong- statement 
of the fact that their cookery will be a failure if any but 
the best and purest sherry is used, and that your store is 
the place to come for it. 

Constantly warn people ag-ainst the dang-ers of impure 
wines and liquors and dwell upon the mortitication which 
they will be sure to feel if they serve their g-uests with 
any but the best. 

If you carry on an educational campaig-n of this 
character and tell the people all about the different g-oods 
you are pushing- and precisely the way in which they are 
to be used, there isn't the slig-htest doubt but that you 
can build up a very profitable trade which would other- 
■wise totally escape you. 

There are in your vicinity scores upon scores of 
families who seldom use liquors, wines or beer but who 
have no particular prejudice ag-ainst them. The trouble 
is that the}' do not know anything about them. They 
don't know how to -'make mixed drinks or how to serve 
them. They don't know what wines should be served 
iced and what wines should not. They don't know how 
to make punches or anything- of that sort. 

They don't know the importance of having- some good, 
pure liquor in the house. They don't know how refresh- 
ing-, invig-orating- and healthful g-ood beer is with their 
meals or just before retiring-. Your business is to tell 
them all these things. 

Don't try to tell them the w^hole story at once. Tell 
them about one thing- and then wait a while. Then tell 
them about another and be sure you exhaust the subject 
while you are about it. 


Do this in the rig-ht way and 3'ou will arouse the 
interest of the people and bring- them to your store. 
When they g-et to your store be sure that they find 
ever^vthing- just as you have represented it. 

Give them the best of everything^, just as ^-ou promised 
to do, and never sell the family trade anything you are 
not perfectly sure about. 

In order to build up such a business as I am talking 
about, you must have absolutely and positively the very 
finest, choicest and purest of everything-. Otherwise, 
you will make a dismal failure out of it. 

It pays in the long run to sell nothing- but the best 
and the man who g-ets the reputation of keeping- the best 
and g-iving his patrons satisfaction or their money back 
is on the road to success. 

Keep your store in a condition of perfect cleanliness 
and make it as dainty and attractive as 3'ou can. Have 
employes who are clean, well dressed, intelligent and 
polite and see that they treat everybody just as ^'ou 
would treat them yourself. 

Allow neither misrepresentation nor discourtesy. 
Make 3'our employes show people the thing they want 
to see without urging them in any way to bu}'. Tell 
the facts about your goods and let them buy or not, just 
as they choose. 

Another thing- — have 3'our store so arranged that if 
you have a bar people who come to buy goods in bulk 
will not have to come in contact with it unless they 
choose to do so. 

Ready=Made Ads 
for Busy Merchants 

The following- pages of ready- 
made, illustrated ads will be found 
invaluable. They are so varied 
that something- appropriate will 
be found for almost any occasion. 

You can use the cuts with the 
matter as shown, or the cuts with 
orig-inal matter of your own. 
Ag-ain you will find the ad matter, 
with or without alterations or 
additions, suitable to use without 
the cuts if 3^ou desire. All sorts 
of combinations of cuts and matter 
can be made. 

When 3'ou want cuts, order 
them by nwnher only. .The prices 
and postage rates appear on inside 
of front cover. 

The ads are printed on one side 
of leaves only, with plenty of room 
below them, so that you can add 
prices, signature, etc., and then 
tear out the page to send to the 
printer. Thus the preparation of 
a daily or weekly ad of the very 
best kind is a matter of only a few 
moments' work. 

No. 1025. 

Good Claret 

makes a feast of the 
plainest dinner. It is the table wine par ex- 
cellence. Good for spirits and digestion. 
Especially good in summer with ice or min- 
eral water when ordinary water is unsafe to 

No. 1034. 

It Will Do You Good. 

A little drink of pure liquor taken just 
before you go to bed will do you good. You 
will sleep much better and wake up feeling 
thoroughly refreshed. We have just the 
liquor you ought to have at prices that will 
make purchasing easy. 

No. 1035. 

The Things You See 

after drinking poor 
liquors are sometimes very unpleasant to say 
the least. Avoid such consequences by 
drinking pure, wholsome liquor such as you 
are always sure of finding here. If you 
aren't one of our regular customers come in 
and we will make you one. 

No. 1041. 

A Good Tonic. 

Pure rye whiskey is better than any 
patent medicine. Our rye is rich, mellow 
and fruity-flavored. It puts new life into a 
tired body and strengthens the entire sys- 
tem. It's the purest on the market. 

No. 1054. 

Invigorating And Pure. 

Whiskey is the best 

medicine for over-worked brains and bodies. 
It nourishes and refreshes the nerves, aids 
digestion, and strengthens the whole system. 
It's the finest thing on the market. 

No. 1113. 

Drink Fine Old Port 

rich and mellow and fruity 
flavored. A tonic, a strength builder, a 
blood maker. 

Wholesome alike in sickness or in health. 
A good, honest, hearty wine, that makes 
life worth living. 

Our own "perfectly pure port," five years 
old and fuUv guaranteed, sells at 

No. 1127. 

Pay Enough. 

Low priced things are not always cheap. 
Low prices are sometimes deaily bought. 
There's such a thing as " extravagent econ- 
omy " — that means saving on the price at 
the cost of quality. 

We sell good, pure liquors just as low as 
it is possible to sell them. We won't sell 
the other kind at any price. 

No. 1132. 

It's Hard Work 

to do housework and 
women require a little stimulant now and 
then as well as men. Keep a case of beer 
in the house so that when the ladies feel like 
it all they will have to do is to help them- 
selves The price is low and such a famous 

beer as the is worth many times what 

it costs. 

No. 1149. 

Do You Like Egg Nogg ? 

You'll like it all the better if you use the 
very finest ingredients. That means our 
brandy, rum and sherry. They are pure, 
wholesome and palatable. 

Price list on request, or better still, come 

No. 1150. 

Turn Over A New Leaf. 

Drink only the best and purest wines. 
" Best " doesn't always mean highest priced. 
Doesn't mean it at all if you buy here. 

\Ye have never handled a wine that we 
could not guarantee to be perfectly pure. 
We take as little profit on it as good busmess 
policy allows, and as a result our prices are 
always reasonable. 

No. 1151. 

The Bible Says 

" Drink no longer water, 
but take a little wine for thy stomach's 

But it must be pure wine. You can't be 
too careful in its selection. The safe way is 
to buy only at the best place, where the 
dealer's guarantee stands back of every drop. 

It is so with us. 

No. 1175. 

Sprightly People 

are always popular and 
deservedly so. Nobody has any use for dull, 
slow people who have no spirit or energy. 
When you feel dull and tired take a little 
stimulant to liven you up, tone you up and 
make you feel that life is worth living. 
Come to us for it and you will always be 
sure of getting the best and purest that 
money can buy. 

No. 1229. 

This Is The Season 

when everybody feels 
the need of a stimulant. Don't think be- 
cause you feel languid you are on the verge 
of the grave and don't dose yourself with all 

sorts of medicines. Take a little 

whiskey when you feel the need of it and it 
will tone up your entire system and make 
you feel like another person. 

No. 1234. 

If Your Mirror Tells You 

that you are getting thin 
and run down don't think that you have got 
to take a whole drug store in order to renew 
your health and vigor. A little good whis- 
key taken three or four times a day is one of 
the best of tonics and strength builders. If 
you want to prove this get a bottle of our 

Rye and take it in this way and note 

the result. 

No. 1299. 

The Best Of All. 

" All whiskey is good — but some is better 
than others." 

There is one whiskey that is the best of 
all whiskies. It's pure, wholesome and 
healthful. It is strengthening, invigorating, 
and without harmful effect. 

No. 1300. 

Take A Night=Cap 

of our famous old- 

whiskey if you want sound, dreamless sleep 
and thorough refreshment. It has no equal 
for purity and delicate flavor. It is just the 
sort of whiskey a discriminating man likes 
and the price is only 

No. 1301. 

Even a Wooden Indian 

would be pleased by the 
snappy taste of the whiskey we have for 
sale. You can't get better, because better 
isn't made. If it was, we'd have it our- 
selves. It is fine and pure, and contains 
strength and life for anybody who uses it. 

No. 1302. 

Ask Any Man 

who is a judge of good 
liquor and he will tell you that our reputation 
for the finest goods at reasonable prices is 
not excelled by anyone in the city. And if 
you want to see how true it is give us a call. 

No. 1303. 


Whiskey is famous 

the world over for its excellence and health- 
giving qualities. It will make a sick man 
well, and while making him we 1, will give 
him strength to continue his work. 

It does this because it is the best— the 
purest— the finest on the market. 

No. 1321. 

That Tired Feeling 

is unavoidable, but if 
you knew how easy it was to overcome you 
would refuse to suffer from it. A little good 
wine or a bottle of pure beer is the best thing 
in the world to brace you up and set you 

We make a specialty of furnishing families 
with pure wines and beers for family use and 
we would like to have your name on our list. 

No. 13'?^. 

When You Go Home 

from a shopping or call- 
ing trip how often you wish you had a re- 
freshing drink. Why don't you keep a little 

in the house to use on such occasions ? 

We can sell you the very purest and best at 
only a quart, and there is surely no ex- 
cuse for going without when such goods can 
be bought at such low prices. 

No. 1:579. 

Keep Your Good Looks 

and your youthful ap- 
pearance by that best of medicines, Old Tom 
Gin. It has a practically beneficial effect 
upon the system, and for women particularly 
is a highly valuable medicine. If you give 
it even a short trial you will be surprised to 
note its beneficial efifect. 

No. 1418. 

The Picture Of Health 

is a very attractive pic- 
ture to gaze upon and one that is seen none 
too often. The Germans are the healthiest 
looking people in the world and you know 
what beer drinkers they are. Just such pure, 
perfect beer as they drink can be delivered 
to your home at a very low price and there 
is not the slightest doubt but that it will add 
to your health, happiness and personal 

No. 1429. 

Before And After. 

Give our Old Tom Gin a thorough trial 
and you will notice a remarkable improve- 
ment in your appearance. It is the best of 
medicines for women and is much safer and 
more wholesome than many of the so-called 
remedies. Our Gin is unsurpassed for it& 
purity and is fully guaranteed by us. 

No. 1509. 

The New Woman 

knows a thing or two. 
Who ever saw a new woman who was pale 
and thin ? Rich Port Wine, pure and in- 
vigorating, will build up a woman quicker 
than anything else. It is Nature's own 
tonic. It fills out hollow cheeks and thus 
drives away wrinkles. It stretches the 
nerves taut, and makes the eyes bright. It 
gives permanent strength and health. 

Ours is perfectly pure, it is not adulterated 
in any way, and tastes like cool crushed 

No. 1559. 

We Prescribe 

our very healthful wines 
and liquors both in cases of sickness and as 
a beverage. Taken when ill they will make 
you well and taken when in health they will 
keep you healthy. 

No. 163:3. 

Anything You Want. 

Whatever you may want from champagne 
to beer you will always be sure of finding 
here in wide variety and at exceptionally 
low prices. Whether you want wine for a 
party or beer for table use come to us for it 
and you will always be perfectly satisfied 
with the result. 

No. 1783. 

Dewey Did It 

by being ready and by 
having nerve enough to go ahead. That's 
what is required in business life as well as m 
anything else -the right sort of preparation 
and the pluck to go ahead. If you want o 
see how this particular work is applied to 
the liquor business give this store a trial. 
We have the right goods and courage to 
make the right prices. 

No. 3000. 

" Your Health And Your 


Every one is familiar with Kip \^an 
Winkle's famous toast. If you drink it in 
our whiskies, brandies, rums, or wines pur- 
chased from us, it is doubly pleasant, for the 
reason that you are certain of their quality 
and their flavor speaks for itself. If you 
imitate Rip and go hunting or fishing these 
warm days, let us fi.\ you up with a supply 
of cooling drink. 

No. :{001. 

A Bottle Of Wine 

With Dinner 

will make a thin man, 
stouter — a weak man, stronger — and a sick 
man healthier. All good wine contains iron, 
and a doctor will tell you that iron is the 
best of tonics, and the best of blood makers. 
He will also tell you that a bottle of wine 
with dinner is the pleasantest way to take 
your iron. 

We keep wines at prices to suit all purses, 
and guarantee that the cheapest as well as 
the highest-priced, is absolutely pure. 

No. 3002. 


A Social Glass. 

Only the best liquor is good enough for 
you and surely only the best is good enough 
for your friends. We sell nothing but the 
purest and cleanest stuff in the market. 
Some one dealer must have better advantages 
to offer than others. There must be good 
liquor somewhere. It won't take very long 
to find it it you start here. 

No. :500;i. 

It's Really Surprising 

the amount of good a 
pure wine will do a man, woman or child. 
But be sure it is good — that's the most im- 
portant thing. Bad wine is very good — if 
you want to be ill. In case you've been 
using bad stuflf the only way to do is to get 
some good stuff from us and get well. 
Prices are right. Goods are right. 

No. ;50()4. 

There's Strength In It. 

There's health and beauty in it for every 
man, woman and child living. 

\Vhiskey will make strong the weak- 
est porson-with a strength that will last. 
It will pick you up off the ground and start 
you in the right direction. It will make the 
blood clean and strong. It will put you in 
condition to do vour part toward makmg the 
world move. A person's capacity for enjoy- 
ment is measured by their physical condition 

The use of ■ for a short time will work 

wonders. It is carefully prepared and free 
from all adulteration. 

No. 3005. 

Get Rich 

but first get strong. 
Everything is possible to a strong man or 
woman— nothing to the sick. There are 
many ways of gaining health and strength 
but the quickest, safest and most economical 

is the use of Whiskey It is perfectly 

pure and clean-if it wasn t it wouldn t do 
eood, and it has done thousands of men and 
women good. It has filled out the hollows 
in their cheeks, brightened their eyes, put 
sound, healthy flesh on their bones ; swal- 
lowed the wrinkles, and filled the whole body 
with strong blood and energy. It is like a 
crutch which supports while the broken leg 

No. 3006. 

The Sick Man's Shelter 

— his haven of rest, re- 
lief from pain and that horrible enervating 
feeling that robs the body of strength and 
desire to work, and makes it a heavy burden 

for the brain to drag around. Whiskey 

is the door to health. It will put you in 
condition to do good work — to get rich. 
Few weak men accomplish anything. There 
have been a few great men who were weak 
and sick, but how much greater they would 
have been had they been strong. We guar- 
antee every drop we sell to be pure — to be 
a drop of strong health. 

No. :{007. 

As Good As A Horse. 

You will find as good as a horse. 

It will carry you over the rough roads of 
weakness into the smooth path of health with 
astonishing rapidity. It is not expensive 
but we charge enough for it to be sure it is 
pure. If you go below this price, you are 
buying very little grape juice and quite a 
good deal of hard alcohol. It is the purity 
in a wine that strengthens — beware of adul- 
terations. Come here. 

No. 3()0S. 

A Shandy Gaff 

is a great summer drink. 
Take a large glass and mix in it half a glass 
of cool ale and half a glass of cool soda. 
The ale must be good — and it must be 
bought here or the drink won't be a success. 
We guarantee every drop of liquor we sell 
to be the very best and purest on the mar- 
ket. We found out long ago that we could 
make the most money by being perfectly 
honest — and we are perfectly honest. 

No. :W09. 

A Friend In Need. 

There is no greater enemy to weakness 
than Whiskey. It has proved effi- 
cient where doctors and their medicines have 
failed. It will make the strong man stronger 
—the weak man strong. But to do good it 
must be good. Cheap whiskey is adulterated 
in a way that would make people's hair rise 
if they knew what they were drinking. 

The whiskey we sell is as pure as it is 
possible to get it. We don't say that you 
can't get the same stuff anywhere else, but 
we do say that anywhere else you will-pay 
more for it. 

No. 3010. 

A Household Guard. 

.porter is without exaggeration the 

very best tonic a woman or child could take. 
It is better than 50 doctors and 50 prescrip- 
tions The good it does is apparent in looks 
as well as feeling. It clears the skin, makes 
it brio-ht. pink and clear. It brightens the 
eyes -it brightens the brain. It makes life 
seem worth living to the nervous, wretched, 
weak little woman who takes it it its 

^°We sell none but the purest. If we didn't 
we shouldn't preach purity. 

No 3011. 

It's Good. 

Yes. it is good — it is so very good that it 
hurts the sale of our higer priced wines. 
For all that, we don't intend to raise the 


We shall 

still sell 

for $ 

quality, as high, pure and wholesome. 

No. 3012. 

It Will Carry You 

straight through to 
health and happiness, without any stops. 
Thousands of bright women owe their health 

and consequent beauty to ■ Port Wine. 

There is no other tonic which so quickly 
shows itself in bright spirits, sparkling eyes 
— and a clear skin. It owes its strength 
giving qualities to its inherent purity. 

Vou may think it impossible to get pure 

wine at it may be elsewhere, but right 

here it's a live certainty, daily demonstrated 
by enormous sales. 

If you care what you drink, buy of 

No. 3013. 

Always On The Sideboard. 

should be on every sideboard, in 

every home. In case of sickness, sudden 
cold, it's invaluable. Its purity and stimu- 
lating qualities make it the best of tonics — 

and economical at that. $ is all we 

charge for the best sold anywhere 


No. :3014. 

You Are In Danger 

of the worst character if 
you trifle with impure or adulterated liquors. 
You have no excuse for doing so when you 
can buy the purest and best made at our very 
economical prices. When the best costs no 
more than the poor kinds what excuse is 
there for taking chances ? 

: No. :!Oir). 

Carried To Safety. 

The man whom the least bit of exertion 
tires is in danger— he needs to be carried to 
safety. He needs a strong tonic — he needs 

Whiskey. There are many weak. 

miserable people, struggling along, day after 

day, doing inferior work whom • would 

make healthy, happy, bright men and women. 
This is no exaggeration. It has been proved 
time and time again. Let us prove it in 
your case. It will only cost 

No. :'.()l(i. 

Nothing But The Best 

is good enough 

to drink. If you are not a judge, and are 
not sure what you are buying — come here, 
you will always find the best. And we don't 
think the most economically inclined person 
could quarrel with our prices. 

No. ;?017. 

♦' Here's To 

a glorious old Thanks- 
giving feast." But it won't be glorious, or 

it won't be complete, without . The 

fattest turkey and the biggest mince pie 
won't make up for it. The zest and Havor 
it adds to viands can't be praised too high- 
ly. We have sold immense quantities of it 
already. Pure, palatable, and | 

No. :!018. 

A Liberal Supply of Wine 

will add to the joys of 
the holidays. Orders have been pouring in 
on us every day. One reason for it is be- 
cause we are selling the best for only 

Low prices and high quality rule 

this store with an iron rod. 

No. 3019. 

The Flowing Bowl — 

• keep it moving ! Christ- 
mas comes but once a year ! Let the smil- 
ing pucker of Yule-tide merriment kiss the 
jovial lips of the loving-cup ! 

We'll tell you and sell you the ingredients 
for all Christmas concoctions of Good Cheer. 
We'll teach you just how to make a 

No. 3020. 

The Approaching Holidays 

cannot be welcomed 
properly without the grape juice which cheers 
and makes a man feel ten years younger. 
Wines taken moderately cannot harm unless 
they are impure. Purity is the main thing 
to look after. You will never miss it if you 
come here. At present we are offering 

No. 3021. 

Santa Claus 

could bring nothing bet- 
ter to a family than a bottle of There 

is more health and life contained in a glass- 
ful than you would get out of the so called 
tonics in a month. Its purity has a great 
deal to do with its strength-giving qualities. 

The price is This isn't the only good 

thing we have; (Quote items and prices.) 

No. 3023. 

Make a Bowl of Egg Nogg 

for Christmas or New 
Years. Use a large teaspoonful of powdered 
sugar, a fresh egg, a half wine glass of 
brandy and a half wine glass of Santa Cruz 
rum for each glassful. Shake well. You 
must use our liquors to get best results. 

No. 303:5. 

Bear in Mind 

that the ways of adul- 
terating liquors are many — bear in mind that 
many adulterated liquors are offered for sale 
at temptingly low prices. It is possible to 
get purity and quality at moderate prices — 
come and we will tell you how we do it. 

No. 3024. 

We Are Prepared to Fill 

orders for a great variety 
of foreign and domestic wines and liquors. 
For table or medicinal uses, our stock is 
complete. We purchase from houses of un- 
doubted reputation, or direct from the man- 
ufacturer. Our prices and our goods can- 
not be duplicated in the State. 

No. 3025. 

Rich Wines 

create good rich, healthy 
blood. Don't make the mistake of buying 
sour, poor wine because it is cheap, [t is 
not. It has a nasty, disagreeable efTect up- 
on the system, while a good wine is really 
not expensive, and gives you that pulled 
together, self satisfied feeling. 

No. 3020. 

if You Want 

good, wholesome liquor 
of any kind, liquor that is pure and doesn't 
contain more alcohol than the pure juice of 
the fruit, you want to buy of us. It doesn't 
pay us to handle any of the poor stuff that 
liquor dealers palm off as par excellence. 
We can sell you a good sherry or port wine 

for per quart. Can you do better ? 

If you want a good whiskey or gin, we can 
sell it just as reasonable as you can get it 
elsewhere and the quality will be the best. 
We would rather sell good liquors and plenty 
of them at a smaller profit, and give satis- 
faction, than to sell high and have our store 


Not Every flan 

can put up this sign and 
do it justice. Every man to his trade. We 

have had the experience of years of 

business to assist us and we think we can 
truthfully say that we are able to supply the 
most exacting wants in this line. 

Just step in and try a glass of our Port 
drawn from the wood. 

We'll wager you will smack your lips for 

No. ;5028. 

Don't Be In a Hurry 

when you buy your 
wines. It may be a little troublesome to 
look around but it will pay you for your 

Every one can induce you to make your 
first purchase, but do you always go back to 
them again ? 

We buy wines and liquors with the object 
of securing your permanent trade and we 
buy the best and most reasonable with this 
object continually in view. 

No. ;^029. 

Are You a Fair Judge 

of what good wine ought 
to be? If you are — you can find wines here 
that the most fastidious epicure would pro- 
nounce excellent. 

A favorite brand of whiskey with our cus- 
tomers is known as . Have you tried 

it ? Quart bottles cost only $ 

No 30:30. 

Don't Forget Us 

when you want to stock 
up your sideboard. We can sell you any 
grade of any whiskey, brandy, wine or cor- 
dial that you wish. The next time you pass 
by call in and ask us for our prepared cock- 
tails. There's nothing so good to give you 
an appetite. 

No. :W:51. 

The Genial Warmth, 

the sparkle of repartee, 
the flow of anecdotes that accompany the 
drinking of a bottle or so of good wine, are 
among the most pleasurable things in life. 
Be your choice port or sauterne, we have the 
best to sell you at honest prices. 

No. 3032. 

There's As Much Difference 

in beers as there is in 
wines. Beers are tart or sweet, light or 
dark. Your choice in beer on draught here 
or in single bottles or cases for home use. 
Beer is a good home drink. It is healthy. 
It costs little. It is good — our kind. 

No. 803:1 

The Age of Our Wines 

is correctly marked 
every time. We do not put the vintage year 
back a few seasons in order to make a little 
more profit out of you. We do not tolerate 
any tricks of the trade, for we are on the 
watch for our future business. 

No. ■,?084. 

In Considering the Brew 

of a beer you should 
judge by the reputation of its maker. There 
are so many ways in which dishonest brewers 
can adulterate the beer that it is extremely 
difficult for experts to tell by its taste 
whether it is absolutely pure or not. You 
know that the beer we sell is pure, because 
we have always had that reputation. 

Pure beer 'is healthy. It is one of the 
best tonics known. 

No. 30:i'). 

It Is a Waste 

of time nowadays to try 
to sell inferior wines or liquors. The public 
taste has been educated and the consumer 
wants the best he can get. You can get it 
if you come to us. You get your money's 

No. 3036. 

We Make a Specialty 

of bottling wines and 
liquors for family trade. The absolute pur- 
ity of what we sell is a guarantee which you 
may depend upon. No pains are spared in 
the care of our goods befere bottling. They 
are highly recommended for medicinal use. 

No. 3037. 

Easter Cheer 

means feasting amd 
merry-making. You are careful to think out 
your Easter dinner in advance and it would 
be well to select your liquid refreshments 
with equal care. The stock of wines we 
have affords a choice that is practically un- 
limited. Our liquors have been highly 
recommended for medicinal purposes, be- 
cause of their absolute purity. We sell 
nothing that is adulterated. 

No. 3038. 

A Reliable Dealer 

needs no further recom- 
mendation than the quality of the wines and 
liquors he sells you. We add value to the 
quality and expect to get your trade. Our 
bottlings tor family and medicinal use are a 
special feature of our business. 

No. 3039. 

It Is Not Economy 

to buy cheap wines and 
liquors. Vou not only injure your health by 
drinking adulterated liquors, but you vir- 
tually throw your money away. If you want 
pure wines and liquors at a fair price, you 
will do well to patronize us. 

No. 3040. 


inferior liquors in fancy 
bottles is not in our line. We want our 
wines and liquors judged by the contents 
rather than the dress of the bottles. Our 
labels mean what they say-our prices mean 
honest value. Absolute punty guaranteed. 

No. 3041. 


is as good as a feast, 
but you cannot always get enough of a good 
thing. To those who wish to provide 
against sudden illness in the middle of the 
night, we can highly recommend a bottle of 
our Superior Old Brandy or Five Year Old 
Whiskey. Bought in Bond and bottled by 
ourselves, its purity and worth are unques- 

No. 3042. 

Your Selection 

of a bottle of Sherry or 
Brandy would depend upon the quality 
rather than the cost. When you learn of a 
place where a feature of the wines and 
liquors is a combination of high grade and 
fair price, you will bear the address in mind. 

No. 304P. 

Good, Honest Lager 

is just as healthful as 
the extracts of malt we read so much about. 
There is satisfaction in every drop, and 
strength and tone in every bottle of beer we 
sell. Bottled direct from the wood under 
our supervision, you will find this particular 
brand the most refreshing warm weather 
drink you could select. 

No. 3044. 

Quality Rather 

Than Quantity 

is what our customers 
want and quality and value is what you get 
when buying wines and liquors from us. 
Our prices are no higher than you have 
doubtless paid at different times for adul- 
terated goods. Our bottled goods are highly 
recommended for medicinal purposes. 

No. 304"). 



What We Sell 

we sell upon its merits. 
Quality alone is the standard by which we 
want our wines and liquors to be judged. 
Paying less than we charge is getting less 
value, for honest goods cannot be sold at a 
lower price than we are asking. 

No. 3046. 

"Knowledge is Power" 

and the knowledge we 
have of every drop of wine, liquor or beer 
we sell is the power we use to convince the 
public of the absolute faith we have in the 
reliability of our goods. Guaranteed in 
every way, the purchaser runs no risks when 
he buys from us. 

No. 8047. 

Our Bottled Goods 

Are Superior 

to the wines, liquors and 
beers that you may buy elsewhere for the 
same money. Buying in bulk and having 
the bottling done under our own supervision 
enables us to save expenses that the cus- 
tomer would otherwise have to pay. 

No. 3048. 

Full of Life and Vigor. 

That's the sort of lager you get when you 
come to us, to take it as a tonic or to merely 
quench your thirst. Made from finest malt 
and hops, guaranteed for its perfect purity, 
and an honest muscle maker as well as a 
bone builder. 

No. 3040. 

You Risk Your Health 

when you slight quality 
in favor of quantity in the purchase of wines 
and liquors. Buying here will warrant your 
feeling that you obtain as good as can be 
bought and your purchases tell you that we 
give you as much for your money as fair and 
square dealing will allow. 

No. aooo. 

We Have No Leaks 

to provide against — no 
useless help to pay, at the customer's ex- 
pense. Every drop of what we sell you 
represents your money's 'worth, and each 
bottle of wine, liquor or beer you buy is 
priced as low as honest goods can be honestly 
sold for. 

No. 3051. 

You May Rely 

Upon Our Liquors 

being what the labels 
say they are. We do not believe in having 
one quality for display and another quality 
for our customers. Those who pay for what 
they get are entitled to receive just what they 
pay for. 

No. 3052. 

Good Beer 

is a refreshing and 
wholesome drink. There is as much differ- 
ence in the quality of beer as there is in 
wine. The beer we sell is made from good 
fresh hops and malt. It is full of strength 
giving qualities. 

No. 3053. 

The Question of Beer 

seems a very simple one. 
and most people think that "beer is beer." 
That is a mistake. There is as much differ- 
ence in the quality of beer as there is in any- 
thing else on the market. If you want good, 
pure beer, order it from us. 

No. 3054. 

Good Health 

is to be found in good 
beer. Come to us if you want both. Only 
the purest materials are employed in the 
manufacture of the beer that we sell. If 
you try it once, you will be a steady cus- 
tomer. It is the kind of beer that puts life 
into you. 

Xo. :5055. 

Open A Bottle 

of our wine and take it 
with your dinner. It will do you good. It 
can't help but do you good when it is abso- 
lutely pure. If you want that kind of a 
wine, come to us. 

No. 305(5. 



Be On Your Guard 

when you purchase 
wines and liquors. See that you buy from 
a reliable house — one where only the best is 
sold. Poor wine will do more harm than 
good. If you want the best wines and 
liquors, get them from us. P'or medicinal 
purposes our goods have no equal. 

No. 3057. 

Full Of Life And Vigor. 

That's the kind of beer to get, and that is 
the kind we have. When you are tired a 
glass of our beer will brace you up. It acts 
like a tonic. There is strength in every 

No. 3058. 

Beer That's Really Good 

isn't so easy to get. 
Watery beer— beer that's weak with soap- 
saddy foam— unpleasant to the taste, is com- 
mon. Ours is uncommon beer— strong, 
pleasant, invigorating. 

No. 30G0. 

The Purer The Beer 

the more refreshing and 
invigorating it is. Beer is one of the best 
tonics ever known. That is, if you buy it 

No. 3061. 

A Pleasure 

To The Thirsty 

man is a glass of our 
sparkling, refreshing beer. Made as beer 
should be made it enlivens you and strength- 
ens your muscles. 

No. 3062. 

The Greatest Friend 
Of Humanity 

is that which makes men 
forget their cares. Good wine brightens up 
the sorrowful and throws a rosy tint over all 
our prosaic life. Good wine is a tonic- 
hurts no one. 

No. 3003. 

flakes All Hearts Glad. 

The wines and liquors we sell are so pure 
and delicious that they brighten you up with- 
out leaving you with a sick headache the 
next morning. (lood wine is not always 

No. 3064. 

Ye Golden Days 

of comfort and cheer 
are always present in a house where good, 
pure wines are on the dinner table. Wine 
cheers the heart, eases the body of pain, 
builds up its tissues and mellows the soul. 

No. 30(55. 

The Value of Wine 

to consumers consists in 
the pleasure which it gives them, and that de- 
pends upon the purity and richness of the 
wine. We believe in keeping up the standard 
of every drop we sell, not of a few special 
brands only. 

No. 3066. 

Bear in flind 

that labels do not always 
tell the truth and that as it is a rare man who 
possesses the faculty of telling the different 
qualities of Port or Sherry, it is advisable to 
buy wines and liquors where you know that 
the labels are true indexes to the contents of 
the bottles. 

No. 3067. 

Good Wine 

has toned up thousands 
of run down systems so that they could 
stand the strain put upon them ; good wine 
has saved lives ; good wine is always benefi- 
cial, and this is the place to get good, pure, 
unadulterated wines and liquors at moderate, 
right prices. 

No. 3068. 

Dry Drinks are Wettest. 

The dryer the wine the better it quenches 
thirst. It's the dry wines that decide the 
grade of any wine stock. You'll find us 
particularly strong in dry Sherries, Rhines 
and Champagnes. 

Good sweet wines as well — Madeira, Port, 
Tokay, Champagne. 

Every good kind of whiskies and liquors. 

No. 3069. 

" Tips." 

The word "tip" means different things 
in different places. In a barber shop or a 
restaurant it is "a gratuity" given for extra 
good service. Another kind of a tip is a 
"straight tip." That is a bit of friendly 
advice and that is what we are giving you 
when we tell you to try a few bottles of our 

fine old 

(Fill in name of whiskey you sell, or 

port wine, or any other item you wish 

to push.) 

No. 3070. 


Hr.^^. I ih 

Wines for Home Use. 

Our wines and liquors are all selected with 
a first thought to their purity. No price is 
ever low enough to tempt us until we have 
tested the perfect purity of every lot. 

Doctors know this and many of them in 
prescribing wines for their patients tell them 
to " Get it at ." 

No. :5071. 

A Good Servant 

and one that should 
always be within reach, is your little private 
stock of wines and liquors. 

If you buy of us, you know you get the 
best. We handle only the purest and most 
wholesome, and nothing can get upon our 
shelves that is not fully up to our high 
standard. Don't take any chances — impure 
liquors are very injurious. 

No. 3072. 

What You Drink 

affects your health if it 
is not the best and purest. What is^ your 
favorite drink with your dinner ? Don't buy 
it wherever you happen to see it. but come 
in and tell us what you want. We'll give 
you the best there is in the market, by the 
bottle or the dozen, at a price that will make 
it all the more palatable and enjoyable. 

We have made special preparations for 
your holiday table. Put us on your " must- 
be-attended-to" list. 

No. 307;: 

Statistics Show 

that for every thousand 
gallons of whiskey produced in Scotland, six 
hundred gallons of "Genuine Scotch" are 
consumed in Great Britain, six hundred gal- 
lons in Europe and six hundred gallons in 

Figures don't lie but some people do. 

When you buy Scotch whiskey or any 
other liquors here, you get just what you call 
for — genuine, pure and unadulterated. 

No. 3074. 

Wasting Good Wine. 

Every now and then some actress adver- 
tises herself by claiming to take a champagne 
bath. Much of the "table wine" you see 
advertised nowadays might be good stuff to 
bathe in, but it isn't fit to drink. 

Buy your table wines here. We will give 
you just what you want, just what you think 
you're buying, just what we claim it to be. 

It won't cost you much, either. 

No. 3075. 

Drink Chianti. 

Chianti is the best drink that ever came 
from that home of good drinks — Italy. 

It is not only stimulating and invigorating 
— it's strengthening and healthful. 

Ours is the real thing —pure and reliable. 
Try it — it costs but . 

No. 3076. 

For Invalids. 

There's nothing better for invalids and 
convalescents than . 

It is smooth and pleasant to drink. 

It is invigorating and stimulating. 

.\nd, what is better, it is pure, strengthen- 
ing and healthful. 

Always keep it in the house. 

No. 3077. 


All Kinds of Drinks 

for all kinds of occasions, 
from the punch on the sideboard to the 
" nightcap" bottle in the closet, are obtain- 
able here. Tell us what the occasion is and 
we'll tell you what the drinks should be. 
We'll furnish the wines and tell you how 
they should be handled and served, or the 
ingredients for a punch and directions for 
mixing it. 

Everything is the purest and best — but 
the prices are modest. 

No. 3078. 


Know What You Get. 

Don't take everything that's offered you 
in the way of a drinkable — insist on having 
the purest and best. 

Anything you buy here is absolutely reli- 
able — pure and unadulterated and properly 

Good health and economy both point in 
our direction. 

No. 3080. 


Drink Hints. 

Here are a few interesting and important 
facts and figures for people who want only 
the best and purest in the way of drinkables, 
and who want to get them at a reasonable 

These goods are guaranteed to be just 
what they claim to be, though the little 
prices might lead you to think otherwise : — 

No. 3081. 

Your Favorite Drink 

must be pure to be 
thoroughly enjoyable — when it isn't you feel 
dissatisfied and disappointed, and the after 
effects are decidedly unpleasant. 

Be sure you get the best — it costs no more 
than uncertain kind. Patronize us, and 
you'll always be sure — no inferior goods can 
ever get inside our doors. 

No. 3083. 

The Question of Purity 

is certainly the most im- 
portant one in the wine and liquor business. 
It gets our exclusive attention. We buy 
with the utmost care and make ourselves 
certain, in every case, that whatever comes 
into our store is in a condition of perfect 
purity, and that it goes to our customers 
just as it came to us. 

No. 8083. 

The Highest 

Possible Standard 

of purity and strength 
is always met in our wines and liquors. 
We have been in this business for many 
years and we know precisely what to buy 
and where to buy it. We would be glad to 
have you join the ranks of our many hun- 
dreds of pleased and satisfied customers. 

No. 3084. 

Lovers of Pure Wine 

are urgently requested 
to try some of our pure, old California wines. 
We get them direct from the Californian 
wineries, and we know absolutely that there 
are no finer wines to be had in this town at 
any price. The prices are as low as it is 
possible to make them, and we guarantee 
every bottle that goes out of our store. 

No. 3085. 

Just Before Dinner 

there is no appetizer so 
welcome and so efficient as a cocktail. You 
can't be expected, of course, to know how 
to mix a cocktail properly, and probably 
your servants do not know much about it 
either. If you will give us the opportunity 
we will serve you with the proper cocktail of 
any kind you wish, and then before your 
meals you can have a cocktail which is just 
as good as you can get over any bar in the 
city. It won't cost you very much either. 

No. 308(5. 

Take Your Choice. 

We do not limit our customers to our own 
favorite brands of any liquor. Of course we 
have our preferences, and we are always glad 
to advise our customers as to what we think 
is best. At the same time always remember 
that whatever you want is sure to be found 
here, and that the quality is precisely what 
we claim it to be. 

No. 3087. 

Not in Price. 

When we say "Fancy Wines " we mean 
fancy in quality and not in price. There is 
no use in paying an exhorbitant price for 
good wines. There might have been an ex- 
cuse for it years ago, but there is certainly 
none for it now. Here are a few of the 
choicest wines you ever tasted at prices 
which are certainly suprisingly low : 

No. 3088. 

A Significant Sign. 

Our constantly increasing business shows 
conclusively that we are giving the people in 
this town the best of satisfaction. In every 
department of our business, from high-grade 
wines down to beer, business is flourishing. 
If you haven't been here, come in and you 
will discover the reasons for our prosperity. 

No. 3089. 

Age and Purity. 

In our whiskies, gins, brandies, wines, 
and the like, you get the two most desirable 
things — age and purity. We sell nothing 
that has not been properly aged. Very likely 
you know how injurious whiskey is unless it 
has been kept a sufficient length of lime. 
None of our whiskey is less than five years 
old, and much of it is much older. 

No. 3090. 

If You Like Beer 

come in and try our 
draught beer, and we feel sure you will there- 
after be a steady customer of our bar. We 
take particular pains with our beer. We 
know that it is perfectly pure and whole- 
some, and we keep it in exactly the right 
temperature — neither too cold nor too warm. 

No. 3091. 

Bring All Your Friends. 

When you feel like giving your friends 
something particularly good to drink, bring 
them in here. We like to serve people who 
know what good liquors are, and it is never 
too' much trouble for us to see that every 
man gets precisely what he likes, just as he 
likes it. Don't go in anywhere when you 
want a drink for yourself and friends. It 
pays to go to the best place within reach. 

No. 3092. 









You Will Be Delighted 

with a " High Ball " 
made from our fine old Scoich Whiskey. A 
Scotch "High Ball" is a drink fit for the 
gods, but the whiskey must be good. H 
there were any better Scotch to be found we 
would have it, but we are firmly convinced 
that there isn't and we believe we can con- 
vince you too. 

No. 3093. 

A Great Many fieri 

spend a pleasant half- 
hour or so here at lunch time. We would 
be glad to have you come in too. Our 
liquors and wines are certainly just as near 
perfection as human effort can bring them. 
Our cigars are just as good as our drink- 
ables, and you will find everything here to 
be comfortable and pleasant. 

No. 3094. 



v^ rJr/'yK ]>'—- 


/ \ 






Surprise Your Husband 

by giving him his favor- 
ite wine for dinner. All you have to do is 
to drop us a note, or telephone, and we will 
promptly send you up just what you want. 
Your husband will not only be surprised, 
but delighted, for whatever we send you, 
you may depend upon it, will be perfection 

No. :'.09r). 

Don't Turn Your Back 

on our claret 
the price is so low. It costs but — 

— cents 
a bottle, but it is a good, pure, rich wine. If 
you like claret with your meals give this 
superior wine a trial. 

No. 3090. 



1 h 


N ^ 



Good Health 

is helped rather than 
hindered by a little really good wine. If 
you haven't tried our pure California wines 
you haven't had the finest wine this town 
ever saw at the lowest possible price. These 
wines are bought expressly for us, direct 
from the Californian wineries and cannot be 
excelled in purity, body and fine flavor. 
Here are a few interesting prices: — 

No. 3097. 

Particularly Tempting. 

It makes a great difference how things are 
served. Even choice liquor does not taste 
well among disagreeable surroundings or 
over a sloppy bar. Our place is kept e.xqui- 
sitely clean and attractive, and we take par- 
ticular pains to serve people in a manner 
that will add zest to their drinking. 

No. 3098. 

Dinner Without Wine 

is not everything a din- 
ner ought to be. If you are unaccustomed to 
having a little good wine with your dinner 
on account of the expense, we can open your 
eyes a little. We can give you any sort of 
wine you want, either white or red, at prices 
that certainly no one can object to. Here 
are a few sample prices ; — 

No. :^099. 

The Best Whiskey 

is cheapest in the end. 
Poor whiskey is not only disagreeable to 
taste, but undoubtedly injurious to the 
stomach A little good whiskey is a fine 
tonic and helps instead of harming. Such a 

whiskey as , for instance, will do you 

just as much good as a doctor's prescription. 
If you don't "know how good it is, come in 
and try it. 

No. 5421. 

When You Are 

Going Away 

take a little flask of 
something good to drink along with you. 
Vou will certainly appreciate it during the 
heat and weariness of the journey. Send 
around here for the flask and you will be sure 
you have the best and purest. 

No. 5429. 

Our Lunch Room 

will be found to be a 
most convenient and pleasant place when 
you are out shoppin<j. Not only can we 
supply you with anything in season that you 
want to eat, but we can give you just what 
you want to drink, too. Vou know how im- 
portant that is, especially if you are a little 
tired. While everything we serve is of the 
very choicest and best our prices are always 

No. 7012. 

Come Right In. 

Vou can safely come in here any time you 
want to purchase anything in the liquor line 
without any previous investigation or worry. 
Whatever you buy here is sure to be right up 
to the limit of high quality and perfect purity. 

No. 7015. 

VVe have inaugurated the custom of serv- 
ing our patrons with a large glass of pure 
California Port for only five cents. We do 
this, not to make money, but to show the 
people of this town what a fine wine it is — 
how pure, rich and wholesome. Everybody 
who tries it is surprised to find that such 
wine costs only cents a bottle. 

No. 7054. 

The Highest Possible. 

There is a point in the purity of liquor 
beyond which it is impossible to go. We 
are sure we have reached that point. We 
take nobody's word for anything. Every 
gallon of liquor that comes into this place is 
personally inspected and tasted before it is 
bought. We have always tried to give our 
customers none but the best, and we feel 
confident that we have succeeded. 

No. 7055. 

If You Want To Be Strong 

you must have strength- 
ening drinks as well as strengthening foods. 
Men, whose muscular development is their 
particular pride, nearly always drink malt 
liquors of some kind, (jood, pure ales and 
beers build muscle and healthy flesh. We 
are careful that our malt liquors are perfectly 
pure, and we know they represent the highest 
development of the art of perfect brewing. 

No. 7062. 

The Chief Point 

you should consider in 
buying wines and liquors is the purity. You 
cannot be too careful about it. You are of 
course extremely careful about your food, 
and you should be just as particular when it 
comes to drinkables. The only safe way is 
to patronize a store where nothing impure 
ever comes in. 

No. 7100. 

The Biggfer The Bottle 

the more likely its con- 
tents is to be adulterated, as a gfeneral rule. 
Some of our bottles are big, and some small, 
but there is not a drop of adulterated liquor 
in this whole store. We give you every- 
thing just as it comes to us, and we are sure 
that it comes to us right. 

No. 7101. 

Nothing Is More Delicious 

than a really good wine. 
Very few people are good judges of what 
wine should be. They buy carelessly and 
do not get the best. Our customers are per- 
fectly safe, for the reason that we have 
nothing but the best. Leave your wines to 
our judgment and you will never go wrong. 

No. 7102. 


^jPr^ W 

High Livers 

are naturally the best 
judges of what is good to drink. It is a 
notable fact that the people in this town who 
live best and know what is best in the line 
of drinkables are our steady customers. We 
please them, and we can please you and keep 
you pleased. 

No. 7103. 


1 w 


w^ 1 


mA N 


mm E 


1^ lijll^'^s 

Our Wine Trade 

is constantly increasing. 
We are now serving many families with 
wines of all kinds, and we would be glad to 
have your name on our list. We not only 
have a full stock of the high class and costly 
wines, but many good California and other 
American wines which are fine in flavor and 
extremely low in price. Nowadays every- 
body who likes wine can afford to drink it. 

No. 7104. 


I m 


A Fine Medicine. 

_Any physician will tell you that Holland 
Gin is one of the finest tonics known to 
medical science. Habitual gin drinkers are 
uniformly robust, hardy and healthy people. 
Our Holland Gin is real Holland, and we 
guarantee it to be perfectly pure. When 
you feel in need of a tonic, try a little of it 
in preference to drugs. 

No. 7105. 

Extremes Meet 

in this store. You can 
get anything you want, from the highest- 
priced wine down to the common, ordinary 
beer and ale of commerce. Everything is 
good, though — the beer is just as good in its 
way as the expensive wines are in theirs. 
If you haven't been in, come in and let us 
show you how true it is. 

No. 7106. 

We Want Your Order 

for anythinjr, from a 
case of beer to a barrel ot whiskey. We 
furnish a great many of the most critical 
people in town with beer, ale, wine and 
liquor for table use, as well as whiskey 
and brandy for the medicine chest. Make 
out a list of the things you ought to keep in 
the house and let us till'it for you. Vou will 
find that we will give you the best and save 
money for you at the same time. 

No. 7107. 

Duplicate Orders. 

" Send me some more of the same " is an 
every-day expression with us. People who 
are induced to give us a trial are almost sure 
to come back and to keep coming. Let us 
supply your table or your medicine closet, 
and we feel sure that we will add your name 
to our list of steady customers. We know 
we can give you the best to be had, and we 
know too that we can save money for you. 

No. 7108. 

Come In And Try it. 

The proof of the pudding is the eating, 
and the proof of the wine is the drinking. 
We don't ask you to take our word for any- 
thing. If you are skeptical about the 
superiority of our goods, just come in and 
say so, and we will soon prove to you that 
you are wrong. 

No. 7109. 

The Best On Earth. 

There is always a best of everything, and 
that is true of wines and liquors as well as of 
everything else. It lakes a great deal of 
time, trouble and expense for us to always 
make sure that we get the best, but we can- 
not afford to trifle with our customers. No 
matter what it costs we get the best to be 
had, and we feel that we deserve the steadily 
increasing patronage of the most critical 
people in this town. Such prices as these, 
too, are an important factor in our success. 

No. 7110. 

No Publicity. 

Lots of people who like a little something 
to drink now and then object to the publicity 
generally attached to it. There is no use of 
any publicity. Let us know what you want 
and we will deliver it to you without any one 
being the wiser. 

No. 7111. 

Very Old People 

need a little stimulant, 
and need it frequently. If there are any 
elderly people in your house, it is your duty 
to keep a little good whiskey or brandy con- 
stantly on hand. We have some very fine 
old brandy which has been in our possession 
a long time and which has never failed to 
give satisfaction to the most critical people. 
\Ve would be glad to have you try it. 

No. 7112. 

We Do Not Juggle 

with the wine question. 
We know what wines are best, and how they 
should be properly stored and kept so as to 
be perfect in flavor. We have many kinds 
of wines at many prices, and each is the best 
of its class. Let us supply your table. 

No. 711:^. 



When You Treat 

Your Friends 

don't give them any- 
thing that will make them sorry they met 
you. It doesn't cost any more to get the 
best than it does to put up with an inferior 
article. It doesn't cost any more to come 
here, where you will be sure, than to go 
somewhere else where you will be uncertain. 

No. 7114. 




1 w^ \ \ 





The Dryer The Wine 

the wetter a drink it 
makes. Our fine, old Extra Dry Cham- 
pagne is just the thing for your table on 
festive occasions. While you are about it 
give your friends good wine. It costs no 
more than the ordinary kinds, but there's a 
great deal of difference in the quality. 

No. 7115. 

When You Are 

In A Hurry 

just telephone us and 
we will send up anything you want. When 
company comes and you want a bottle of 
wine or two, and want it quick, here is the 
place to get it. The service will be quick, 
the wine exquisite and the price reasonable. 

No. 71 Ki. 

When It's Time 

To Go Home 

drop in here and call for 
your favorite drink. Bad liquor taken just 
before retiring is about the worst thing a 
man can put in his stomach, but a little 
good, pure whiskey will make his sleep 
better and make him feel better in the morn- 
ing. Here is the place to get the best. 

No 71 r 

If You Like 

Fine Whiskey 

try our pure Old Ken- 
tucky Rye. It is bottled in bond and the 
United States Government guarantees its 
age and purity. There is no better whiskey 
to be bought at any sum, and we would like 
to have you come in and try it and take a 
bottle home with you. 

No. 7118. 

Hot Scotch 

is a favorite drink with 
a great many people at this time of the year. 
If you like it, drop in the first time you are 
going by and let us make you the finest Hot 
Scotch ycu ever tasted. Our Scotch Whis- 
key is unsurpassed. 

No. 7119. 

Night Caps. 

A great many people are fond of a little 
something to drink before they go to bed 
but do not like to go out and get it. The 
proper thing to do is to keep it in the house. 
We make a specialty of the night-cap trade. 
Whatever your favorite drink may be, you 
won't enjoy it nearly so well if it doesn't 
come from here. Put it to the test and you 
will agree with us. 

No. 7120. 

A Place For A Gentleman. 

This store is a place where gentlemen 
congregate. We do not cater to the unde- 
sirable class of customers, and take every 
possible pains to keep our store free from 
everything objectionable. We want the 
trade of gentlemen, and we are doing every- 
thing we can to get it. 

No. 7121. 

Your Favorite Drink 

with your meals is sure 
to be found here, and we would he glad to 
serve your table with anything, from bottled 
beer to champagne. There is nothing in 
the whole catalogue of wines and liquors 
that you cannot find here, and everything is 
at the lowest possible price consistent with 
such high qualities. 

No. 7122. 

When You Go 

On A Picnic 

don't forget the drink- 
ables. Come around to us and let us give 
you just what you ought to have, at the price 
you ought to pay. We make a specialty of 
putting up wines and liquors so that they 
can be carried safely and conveniently and 
kept at the right temperature. 

No. 712:S. 

We Want To Introduce 

you to a whiskey which 
we think you will agree has no superior. 
We control it exclusively for this city. In 
many respects it is far superior to any whis- 
key we ever handled. Its flavor is delicate 
and delicious, and we are certain of its per- 
fect purity. 

No. 7124. 

Tastes Differ 

but we are prepared to 
suit all tastes and all persons. Do not think 
because some wines and liquors cost a great 
deal that you can't afford to have any. 
Many good, pure wines and liquors can be 
bought at a price so low as to seem almost 
ridiculous. For instance, read the following 
list :— 

No. 7125. 

The Next Time 

you give a dinner party 
let us furnish the wine. Nothing is more 
humiliating than to have poor wines or to 
have them improperly served. If you feel a 
little bit uncertain about your knowledge of 
the matter, come in and consult us and we 
will tell you just what you ought to have 
and when and how it should be served. 

No. 712«. 

Some People Object 

to wine at meals, but it 
is generally from the fact that they confuse 
the use of wine with its abuse. As a diges- 
tive agent, it is true that wine has few 
superiors, and a little, good wine, while it 
adds zest to a meal, is as harmless as milk. 
If you are among those who have entertained 
objections of this character, if you will try a 
little of our California claret, we are sure 
you will change your mind. 

No. 7127. 

The Matter of Time 

is most important when 

it comes to whiskey. Whiskey is 

bottled in bond and held in bonded ware- 
house until it is fully aged. This fact is 
certified to by the United States Govern- 
ment. If you want to be sure that you have 
the finest old whiskey going, get . 

No. 9500. 

Don't Waste Money 

on unreliable or uncer- 
tain liquors. 

None but the very purest and best is good 

I If you come to us you are always sure 
of getting the best for the reason that we 
personally select our goods from the pro- 
ducts of the finest distilleries in the country. 

No. 9507. 

Don't be Taken in 

by so-called "cheap" 

It is easy enough to imitate any liquor or 
wine, but if you want to avoid the imitations 
and always be sure of getting the real thing, 
patronize us. 

No. 95;J7. 

Men Are Boys Grown Up 

and they sometimes 
make just as foolish mistakes as boys do. 

One of the most inexcusable mistakes that 
men make is purchasing their liquors any- 
where they happen to see a liquor sign. 
The only safe, wise and economical way is 
to patronize the store where you know you 
will^get only the purest and best. 

No. 9547. 

We Have Reason 

To Feel Big 

over the fine trade in 
bottled liquors that we are working up. 

People of this vicinity are gradually find- 
ing out that our bottled goods are the purest 
and more reliable and most satisfactory 
goods in town. 

If you have not tried them, now is a good 
time to begin. 

No. 9550. 

We are Here to Stay. 

We are not in business for a day, a month, 
or a year. We are building up a life-time 
business, and we know that the only way to 
do it is to give our customers the finest wines 
and liquors money can buy at the lowest 
possible prices. 

No. 9562. 

The Size of the Bottle 

is no indication of the 
quality of its contents. 

A big bottle of poor liquor at a small price 
is a bad investment. 

We give you just as big a bottle as we 
can, but we make sure first that its contents 
are of the highest standard of purity and 

No. 9575. 

A Harvest of Headaches 

is what you will surely 
reap if you indulge in impure, adulterated 
liquors. Good, pure liquor is a help instead 
of an injury. 

We have a full stock of the finest liquors, 
and we want you to give us a chance to 
show you just how good and satisfactory 
our liquors are. 

No. 9578. 

There is no Use 

in Preaching 

on the subject of liquor. 
Just as long as there are people left to drink 
it, liquor is going to be sold. The great 
trouble is in the fact that a large proportion 
of the liquor drunk is of a poor quality or 
badly adulterated. 

Avoid that difficulty by becoming one of 
our patrons. 

No. 9585. 

Time Flies Fast Enough 

without shortening your 
life by the use of impure and adulterated 

If you come to us, you will always be safe. 
We get our liquors from the bonded ware- 
house, and their purity and strength is guar- 
anteed by the United States Government. 
We give them to you just as they come to us. 

No. 9588. 

In Puritan Times 

there was a law against 
a man's doing almost anything that he 
wanted to do. The laws and customs of 
that day have passed away, and even the 
best of people now serve wines and beers to 
their guests and have them on the table for 
family use. 

A little good wine and beer is a good thing 
for anybody. We make a specialty of J fur- 
nishing some of the best families in town 
with wines and beer for their tables. 

No. 9589. 

Your Bills Will be Small 

for doctors and drugs if 
you keep a little good liquor in the house. 
Nothing will set a man straight so quickly 
when he feels a little out of shape as really 
good liquor. If you haven't any in the 
house, come in and let us tell you what you 
ought to have. 

No. 9590. 

You Won't Have 


if you take a little night- 
cap of good whiskey before you go to bed. 
It will make you sleep soundly and you will 
wake up in the morning refreshed and in- 

The best and purest whiskey money can 

buy is the Take a bottle home with 

you to-night. 

No. 9621. 

The Doctor Will Tell You 

that what you need first 
is a little stimulant. Vou ought to have 
known that yourself without paying him two 
dollars to tell you. Keep a little good 
liquor in the house, and when you feel out 
of sorts, take a good drink of it. 

It is wise to always keep a bottle of our Rye 
Whiskey and of our pure Old Tom Gin in 
the house. They are the best that money 
can buy, and the price is very reasonable. 



"A little wine for the stomach's sake" 
is just as good now as it ever was — but it 
must always be good wine. 

The more fastidious you are, the better 
we will be able to please you — critical peo- 
ple are our best customers. 

We want your trade so badly that we are 
willing to pay well for it. 

Do you know the wide diflference between 
pretty good whiskey and exquisitely fine 
whiskey? Come in and let us show you. 

There is a cordial warmth and an agree- 
able, home-like air about our place that 
can't fail to please you. 

Malt and hops can't be brewed into a 
better beer than the famous . 

Our drink-mixers are regular artists — 
their productions will tickle the palate of 
the most jaded epicure. 

We put just as good liquor into our 
mixed drinks as we sell "straight." We 
don't follow the usual custom of palming 
off inferior goods. 


Our customers are gentlemen. You 

needn't be afraid of meeting anybody here 

that vou woukln't welcome to your own 


The perfect, immaculate cleanliness of 
everything about our place will surely 
appeal strongly to you. 

Poor liquor is a poison — pure liquor is a 
health-building tonic. 

If you were as careful about wliat you 
drink as you are about what you eat you 
wouldn't think of patronizing anybody else. 

Do you know how to mi.\ the punch 
properly for that party you are going to 
give? Come in and we'll tell you all about 


Patronize home industries. Drink our 
California wines — none better in the world. 

Our beer is light, pure, sparkling and de- 

Nowadays, nearly everybody drinks beer. 
Pure beer has removed the former prejudice 
against beer-drinking. 

Do you know how refreshing, strengthen- 
ing, and altogether delightful a cold bottle of 
beer is when you get home, hot and tired, 
from your day's work ? 

Our tine old Rye makes the best 

night-cap in the world. Always keep a bot- 
tle in the house. 


If you like to mix your own drinks at 
home, we can furnish you with all the neces- 
sary materials. 

Of course, we have our preferences, but 
we don't try to force them on you. Your 
favorite brand of whiskey is here. 

We know how to keep our beers, wines 
and liquors just cool enough and just warm 
enough, and you know how important that 

If you've never been in here, come. If 
you have, we know we don't need to urge 
you to come of tener. 

" Haven't got it " and " Don't know how 
to mix it " are two answers you will never 
get here. 

The proper conduct needs long experi- 
ence, just the same as any other business. 
And we've had the experience. 

Don't buy your wines and liquors hap- 
hazard — it's dangerous. 

Adulteration, the crying evil of the age, 
is particularly rampant in the liquor busi- 
ness. Avoid all danger by coming here. 

You know what physicians say about 
malt extracts and how frequently they pre- 
scribe them. Good beer like the is 

nothing more nor less than a superior malt 


Sickness comes unheralded. Always be 
prepared with a little good whiskey and 
brandy in the house. 

The widest variety of the purest liquors 
at the lowest prices. 

Our big business enables us to piake big 
savings — and we give you the benefit. 

Is Uncle Sam's guarantee good enough 
for you? He guarantees the age and purity 
of the famous whiskey. 

There's a vast difiference between a 
smooth, oily whiskey of delicate flavor and 
the raspy, crude kind you generally get. 

There are many pretty good whiskies, 
some very good whiskies, and one best 

The whiskey is made right, aged 

right, handled right, and is right. 

Our beer is refreshing and exhilarating, 
but it is light, mild and pure. It won't 
give you that heavy, sluggish feeling. 

If you don't sleep well, try a bottle of 

our beer before retiring. You'll 

sleep like a plough-boy. 

The famous gin is conceded by 

medical authorities to be a tonic of the 
highest value. If you feel weak and "all 
run down," give it a trial. 


A thoroughly good beer, pure as water 
and harmless as milk. 

Your wife will be healthier and happier 
with our bottled beer in the house. 

Do you know that it is the impurities of 
liquor that cause the injurious and distress- 
ing after effects? There isn't a headache in 
a whole barrel of . 

Never before were such rich, fruity, 
delicious wines sold at such little prices. 

Perfect purity, a big, generous bottle, and 
a little price. Can you beat that combina- 
tion ? 

We want to be public educators. We 
want to show you how wide is the difference 
between high-grade purity and low-grade, 
adulterated goods. 

We are making new friends and customers. 
High quality and low prices are bound to 

It costs no more to have the best and pur- 
est liquors— and the difference in satisfaction 
and health is something tremendous. 

Old people and sickly people find an in- 
valuable tonic and aid to digestion and sound 
sleep in our tine California wines. 

If you are a connoisseur in wines and 
liquors you are the man whose trade we want 
and this is the place you have been looking 


If anything you buy of us fails to please 
you, and you think you'd rather have your 
money, the money will be waiting for you. 

A case of our beer will be a case of pleas- 
ure and satisfaction for you. Tell us when 
and where to deliver it. 

If we furnish the contents of the decanters 
on your sideboard, your friends will smack 
their lips appreciatively and throw out a hint 
for another glass. 

Weak, thin -blooded people will find in 
gin a tonic and blood-builder without 

a peer. 

Nobody makes a wry face over our rye. 
It's as smooth and pleasant as a tine old 
whiskey can be. 

The wines you should serve with the din- 
ner are all here, and will gladly post you on 
just how they should be served. 

We don't claim to have the biggest store 
in the world, but if there's a choicer or more 
carefully selected stock anywhere within 
reach, we'd like to see it. 

Lots of people go many blocks out of their 
way in order to patronize us. You would, 
too, if you were acquainted with our store 
and goods. 

The family trade is what we are after — 
' and we deserve it. Your table and your 
medicine chest both need us. 


If we traveled the world over and spent 
money like water we couldn't offer you a 
finer wine than this. 

It's an old saying that "all whiskey is 
good, but some is better than others." It 
should be added that there is one best of 
all, and its name is . 

We know what the people of good taste 
in this vicinity want in the way of drink- 
ables, and we take care that they get it. 

We have been handling this whiskey for 
years, and we know all about it. It was 
always good, and it grows better all the 

We don't try to see how big a bottle we 
can give you for the money, but how much 
high quality we can get into the bottle. 

We are experts in everything that is good 
to drink. We can serve you much more 
intelligently and satisfactorily than the 
ordinary liquor store can. 

When you get up a little "stag party" 
turn the arrangements over to us and every- 
thing is sure to go smoothly. 

We want your trade for all the time — not 
for once or twice. Therefore we are care- 
ful to give you the very best for your money. 

Name an article that a first-class liquor 
store ought to have and you'll find it here — 
perfect in quality and low in price. 


" A little learning is a dangerous thing." 
Don't patronize people who "think," or 
"guess," or believe. Buy of the man who 
kno'vs. ' 

It is possible, by the use of chemicals, to 
closely imitate both the appearance and 
flavor of most liquors and wines. Our 
goods are the real thing — not a drop of 
imitation or adulteration comes inside our 

Chemical analysis shows that Rye 

is as pure a whiskey as was ever distilled. 

You may say what you will, but people 
are bound to have a little enjoyment now 
and then. Our pure, wholesome wines and 
liquors will make the pleasure harmless. 

When you want a suit of clothes, do you 
go into any place where you happen to see 
a clothing sign ? Certainly not. You go 
to the best place you know of. Use the 
same discriminating judgment in buying 
your drinkables. 

If you aren't sure about what you want 
to drink, come in and tell us how you feel 
and we'll give you something that will touch 
the spot. 

Don't drink the heavy, soggy beer that 
makes muddy complexions and bleary eyes. 
beer makes bright eyes, clear com- 
plexions, a springy step and a nimble wit. 

This is a store of satisfaction and economy 
— a store where you get just what you want 
at just the price you want to pay. 


Anybody can claim to please and aim to 
please you, but we know that we can please 
you no matter what your taste may be and 
no matter what price you want to pay. 

When you are too warm and want to cool 
off or too cool aind want to warm up, come 
in and consult us. We have just the drink 
you need. 

A little good pure whiskey has staved off 
many a cold, many an attack of malaria and 

grip. Do you keep our celebrated old 

rye in the house ? 

Keep your husband at home nights by 

seeing that a few bottles of our lager 

are always on ice. He'll be glad to stay home 

Don't you feel rather cheap when com- 
pany comes and there isn't a thing in the 
house to drink ? A choice little stock of 
wine and liquor cost but little. Come in 
and talk it over 

When you want a drink you want it very 
badly, as the Texan said about the revolver. 
Don't be disappointed. Always keep our 
rye in the house. 

Remember the time you bought that 
" big " bottle of "cheap" whiskey. Vou 
have either got it yet or thrown it away, 
haven't you ? Don't be caught again. Come 
to us and get the purest and best. 

With a bottle of our fine old California 
claret and a little cracked ice, you can bid 
defiance to even this torrid weather. 


There are many ways of catching trade, 
but only one way to hold it — our way. And 
our way is to give our customers the best 
goods money can buy, at prices just as close 
to first cost as we can possibly make them. 

We buy only of leading distillers and 
brewers — men whom we know by long ex- 
perience to be perfectly reliable. 

We make an old customer of every new 
customer. Nobody can resist our choice old 
liquors at our popular prices. 

You won't be troubled with the morning 
visits of old RE. Morse if you stick to our 
pure, healthful liquors. 

The absolute purity of beer and 

the conditions of perfect cleanliness under 
which it is brewed should recommend it to 
every discriminating beer drinker. 

When "the drinks are on you" bring 
your friends here and the occasion will be 
doubly enjoyable to all concerned. 

At times when you are jaded and worn 
and feel that life isn't worth living, drop in 
and take a drink or two of our rare old 

rye and you'll soon change your 


Your wife enjoys the good things of this 
life just as well as you do. A few bottles 
of her favorite wine should be always in the 
house. It will rest and cheer her after 
many a hard day's work. 


We don't buy goods because they are 
cheap, or because they are highly recom- 
meiuled, or because they bear a good reputa- 
tion. We buy only that which proves, upon 
personal investigation, to be absolutely and 
positively the best. 

We have some choice old liquors that have 
been in our hands for years. They were 
pure to commence with, and have of course 
greatly improved with age. Just the thing 
for medicinal purposes. 

We have about a dozen different kinds of 
old California wines. Come in and let us 
tell vou all about them. 

If you like a cocktail in the morning, 
come here and you'll get one that is made as 
a cocktail should be made. 

When in doubt, consult us. We have all 
kinds of wines and punches and mi.xed 
drinks right at our fingers' ends. 

The I'uich are always healthy and strong 
and robust because gin is their national 
drink and their chief medicine. Our fine 
old Holland gin is a tonic that can't be beat. 

Brew a "hot Scotch" these cold nights 
before going to bed. It's an easy drink to 
make and a delicious one to drink, and we 
have a Scotch that will make it doubly 


To lovers of ale we recommend — 

\Ve have it on draught or in bottles. It's a 
fine old mellow ale of perfect purity. 

When the doctor says " a little whiskey," 
remember that he means pure whiskey, and 
that our whiskey is purity itself. 

Beer by the case, delivered as you want 
it, costs but little. In no other way can you 
get so much pleasure and comfort for your 
money. _ 

Some of our customers have been taking 

beer from us for years. Surely that 

proves that we are giving them the best 
service for their money. 

Good whiskey, judiciously used, has cut 
many an attack of sickness short, and saved 
many a big doctor's bill. 

Good health and poor liquor never dwelt 
together. Avoid all danger by patronizing 
us regularly. Nothing impure or adulterated 
ever gets in here. 

There is no economy in inferior liquors — 
especially when you can get the best and 
purest at our little prices. 

Any doctor will tell you that good beer is 

an e.xcellent thing with your meals. 

beer is the best, purest and most satisfying 
table beer ever brewed. 

Daily Sales and 
Advertising Record 

A concise record of your daily 
sales and the daily cost of your ad- 
vertising will be found invaluable. 
For this purpose the following- 
twelve pages have been arranged." 
Very little time will be required to 
keep this record, the form being 
the simplest possible. 

After you have kept it carefully 
for a few months, you will find 
that it will indicate with a good 
deal of certainty just what your 
advertising is doing for you. 

The longer you keep it, the more 
interesting and valuable it will be- 
come, and the more incentive there 
will be to make each month's busi- 
ness exceed that of the preceding 
month, or that of the correspond- 
ing month of the preceding year. 

Try it. Commence with yester- 
day's sales — not with to-morrow's. 


Record of Advertising Contracts 





Expires^ .. 





Amozi7it, . 

Remarks . 


Record of Advertising Contracts 





Amount, . 
Expires, . 





Amount, , 
Expires, . 

Remarks , 


Record of Advertising Contracts 





Amount, . 
Expires, . 






Remarks . 


Record of Advertising Contracts 





Amottnt, . 
Expires, . 





Amount, . 



Record of Advertising Contracts 

wak._ : 




Amounty ., 
ExpireSy ... 





A 77101171 1, 


Remarks : 


Record of Advertising Contracts 

With : 

Time, ._ 



Amount, _ 


With _ 






Remarks : 


Record of Advertising Contracts 







With „_ 


Space, ; 




Remarks : 


Record of Advertising Contracts 





Amount, . 
Expires, . 





Am,ount, . 

Pemarks . 






INCREASE (Advertising). $ DECREASE (Advertising), $ 

INCREASE (Sales), $ DECREASE (Sales), $ 
























INCREASE (Advertising), $ DECREASE (Advertlsiag). $ 

INCREASE (Sales). $ DECREASE (Sales), $ 











































INCREASE (Advertising). $ 
INCREASE (Sales) $ 

DECREASE (Advertising), S 
DECREASE (Sales). $ 





INCREASE (Advertising), $ DECREASE (Advertising), $ 

INCREASE (Sales), $ DECREASE (Sales), $ 










































INCREASE (Advertising). $ 
INCREASE (Sales). S. 

DECREASE (Advertising), $ 
DECREASE (Sales). S 







INCREASE (Advertising). $ 
INCREASE (Sales). $. 

DECREASE (Advertising), $ 
DECREASE (Sales), $ 
































INCREASE (Advertising). $ 
INCREASE (Sales). $ 

DECREASE (Advertising), $ 
DECREASE (Sales), $ 








INCREASE (Advertising), $ 
INCREASE (Sales), $. 

DECREASE (Advertising), $.. 
DECREASE (Sales), $ 






INCREASE (Advertising), S 
INCREASE (Sales), $ 

DECREASE (Advertising), $ 
DECREASE (Sales). $ 











































INCREASE (Advertising), $ DECREASE (Advertising), $ 

INCREASE (Sales), S DECREASE (Sales). $ 












INCREASE (Advertising). $ DECREASE (Advertising). $ 

INCREASE (Sales), $ DECREASE (Sales). $ 







INCREASE ^Advertising), $ DECREASE (Advertising), $ 

INCREASE (Sales), $ DECREASE (Sales\ $